Lil’ Kim didn’t fire a gun during the notorious 2001 shootout outside New York’s Hot 97 radio station, but she’s still going to prison for a year, having been sentenced today on four counts stemming from the incident. It could have been worse for her; she could have gone to jail for up to 20 years, five years for each of the charges against her (three counts of perjury and one of conspiracy, for lying to the grand jury about whether she saw two of her associates, who’ve since pleaded guilty on gun charges, at the scene). Her sentencing makes her one of the most prominent rappers, and certainly the most prominent female rapper, to serve significant prison time.

Do you think her sentence was fair? Too light? Too heavy? How do you think her time behind bars will affect her career? And if Martha Stewart’s prison name was ”M. Diddy,” what will Kim’s be?