Here’s one way to lose 70 pounds fast: spend 21 hours a day directing and editing a movie, for months on end. That’s what King Kong helmer Peter Jackson tells EW senior writer Steve Daly he did. ”I was cutting during the day, shooting during the night, and getting about three hours’ sleep. I thought I was some kind of Superman, but it knackered me.” You can see the drastic effects for yourself in clips here and here from Jackson’s online production diary at

The hours and hours of behind-the-scenes material, plus the suddenly ubiquitous trailer, raise the question of whether the Kong hype is peaking — and risking a backlash — so early as to make the film and even the inevitable extras-laden DVD seem superfluous. But Jackson promises Daly that we haven’t seen it all (he calls those not-so-impressive dinos in the trailer, for instance, ”first passes” that will be upgraded), and that viewers will be dazzled in December. Read the full story in this week’s EW.

Are you already Kong-ed out, or are you still excited to see Jackson’s film? Has all the pre-release behind-the-scenes material taken all the mystery out of the movie or whetted your appetite?