Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci, ...

After four years languishing in a studio vault (oh yeah, and a STARZ! airing in March), this beleaguered biopic is finally seeing the light of day. It should have stayed in the dark. Based on Elizabeth Wurtzel’s 1994 woe-is-me memoir, Prozac Nation trails Lizzie (Christina Ricci), a depressive Harvard princess who screws up royally at every turn (she hooks up with her roommate’s boyfriend! She gets drunk at a family party!). Director Erik Skjoldbjaerg — who never met a camera trick he didn’t abuse — lets his leading ladies go buck wild, as Ricci and Jessica Lange (playing Lizzie’s arm-flailing mom) duke it out for the Most Shrill award. Subtler supporting players Jason Biggs and Michelle Williams, however, help dilute the histrionics. As the title suggests, Lizzie does find some salvation in pills — a quick resolution, but not even a medicine cabinet full of drugs could save this pseudo-Sylvia Plath exercise from plunging into tedium. EXTRAS Only the lackluster featurette ”Anatomy of a Scene,” in which the crew talks of drawing visual and dramatic inspiration from Ordinary People and Edvard Munch. Now, that’s a real scream.

Prozac Nation
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