Vanity Fair’s Martha Stewart interview hits newsstands later this week, but the Associated Press already has the highlights:

-Despite her conviction for lying to the government about her controversial ImClone stock trade, she says she’s not sorry. ”You don’t appeal if you think that you should be sorry,” she tells the magazine.
-Her prison nickname was ”M. Diddy.” (Should Sean Combs consider that a compliment or an insult?)
-She learned from the Internet how to remove her ankle bracelet, though she won’t say whether she’s actually ever taken it off.
-She has a crush on Jon Stewart. (Well, who doesn’t?)
-When her Apprentice spinoff launches in September, instead of saying ”You’re fired,” she’ll come up with contestant-specific ways to give ousted contenders the brush-off. ”For instance, if someone is from Idaho, I could say, ‘You’re back in Boise for apple-picking time.”’ (Ugh. Not a good thing.)

Do you think Martha should be more repentant or remain defiant? Why do you suppose she has a thing for guys named Stewart? Can you help her think of a better catchphrase?