The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

The package claims that the three-disc set includes ”Our National Anthem sung in 4-correspondent harmony.” As is often the case with this Emmy-winning purveyor of fake news, that statement is even funnier because it’s true: That’s how The Daily Show began eight tapings covering the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, the main attractions on its first-ever DVD.

You may think Indecision 2004 is too dated for your collection, but the beautiful, or sad, thing about commentary on the spectacle of politics is its timelessness. Come election time, Democrats will always parade their humble roots (see Colbert’s historic ”I, the son of a turd miner, the grandson of a goat ball licker” speech) and the GOP will always excel at negative campaigning (share Stewart’s giddiness as he play-by-plays Sen. Zell Miller’s RNC verbal assault on John Kerry and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews).

The bonus material — which, fortunately, does not include the host’s softball interview with Kerry — helps encapsulate the show at its finest. Stewart spin-checks Rudy Giuliani after the first presidential debate, and, on election night, notes that those most affected by 9/11 — New Yorkers — trusted Kerry with their safety. The correspondents flex their trademark wit and shamelessness in field reports like Steve Carell’s classic ”Trail and Tribulations,” when he interviews an unfazed Howard Dean aide while dancing to ”I Got You (I Feel Good).”

Given that the only original extras are a few gag commentaries and Colbert’s comedic making-of, ”Requiem for a Show That Was Daily,” Stewart and Co. clearly still fear being taken seriously. Should we feel guilty for wanting to see how they really work (outside of the restroom)? Pretty sure we’d still be laughing.