We're dyin' for a DVD of ''Family Ties'' -- Here's why we can't wait to see discs of Alex P. Keaton and the rest of the clan

The Gipper himself tuned in to the family-room staple of the Reagan ’80s, but a DVD is still MIA. What gives? Snarkier than the Bradys but milder than the Bundys, the Keatons juggled politics and comedy as we lapped up the weekly war of words between flower-power parents Steven and Elyse and power-hungry son Alex (the role that made Michael J. Fox a star). And let’s not forget sassy sisters Mallory and Jennifer; shark-jumping stunt, er, baby bro Andy; and nebbishy neighbor Skippy (Urkel who?). Fox is now far removed from his Teen Beat poster-boy days, but surely he has Family anecdotes to share. And since brother Jason has made the ultimate comeback, there’s no better time for Justine Bateman to resurface and reunite with fellow where-are-they-nows Marc Price, Tina Yothers, and Scott ”Yo, Mallory!” Valentine. ”Although there is no release date confirmed,” says Michael Arkin, senior VP of marketing at Paramount Home Entertainment, ”we are looking into all possibilities and appreciate hearing from the fans about it.” Calling all Republicans — and Democrats. . .

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