We demand a sequel for ''The Professional'' -- Here's why EW thinks Natalie Portman's first big role deserves a follow-up

We demand a sequel for ”The Professional”

Where we left off
After the death of her chaste love, the Italian hitman Leon (Jean Reno), 12-year-old Mathilda (Natalie Portman) returns to her old school, leaving her short life as a would-be ”cleaner” behind.

What oughta happen next
A decade after the Leon affair, Mathilda, finished with her formal education, heads to Italy to find her late beloved’s roots, only to be sent on her first hit — a Venetian pimp who traffics in young girls — by the same man who gave Leon his assignments, Tony (Danny Aiello). Could it get made? Sure, if writer-director Luc Besson felt like picking up a camera again and Portman felt like returning to her breakout role.

The Professional
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  • 110 minutes