EW movie critic hates celebrity cameos -- We can't stand when James Lipton and Regis Philbin appear playing themselves in movies

EW movie critic hates celebrity cameos

In Bewitched, James Lipton makes a cameo appearance as an oily interviewer of movie stars with his own infotainment television show — which is to say, as himself, fawning host of Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio. Only in this case, instead of coaxing deep thoughts about craft from real thespians, he urges a fictional, shallow movie star, played by Will Ferrell, to relive past flops.

This must stop. Lipton’s show is its own mesmerizing bonfire of the vanities, but the gimmick of casting pop-cultural celebs as themselves in fictional situations has become the lazy filmmaker’s shortcut to meta chuckles; it’s also a depressing index of who’s willing to shill his reputation. Regis Philbin plays Regis Philbin in Miss Congeniality 2, Jay Leno plays Jay Leno in Mr. 3000, James Carville plays James Carville in Old School, and it’s the rare plot involving media coverage that doesn’t include Larry King. For the love of self-respect! Quizmasters, ringmasters, and moguls (I’m talking to you, Alex Trebek, Al Sharpton, and Donald Trump), keep it real!