Credit: Shields: Jean-Paul Aussenard/; Cruise: Michael Caulfield/

PopWatch isn’t the kind of blog that sends you to The New York Times‘ op-ed page — at least not first thing on a Friday morning. But when the venerable paper offers a forum for a beautiful (and, frankly, pretty brave) actress to get all ”oh no you didn’t!” with one of the world’s biggest movie stars, we’ve obviously got to make an exception.

Calling Tom Cruise’s criticism of her decision to take antidepressants for severe postpartum depression a ”ridiculous rant,” Brooke Shields fires what we’re hoping is the final word in a weeks-long celebri-battle. ”I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Mr. Cruise has never suffered from postpartum depression,” the actress writes, presumably followed by some rapid-fire finger snapping.

Who’s winning the Cruise-Shields war of the words? And are you more likely to watch his sci-fi blockbuster this weekend, or AOL’s all-Cruise TV’s Top 5 (starting Saturday) compiling the actor’s wackiest publicity-tour moments?

addCredit(“Shields: Jean-Paul Aussenard/; Cruise: Michael Caulfield/”)