EW's June 29, 1990, issue: Remember a very different Donald Trump, ''obscene'' music by 2 Live Crew, and Michael Moore's first film
Donald Trump
Credit: Donald Trump: John Barrett/Globe Photos

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Donald Trump’s Trump: Surviving at the Top
Folks who know him only from The Apprentice may not think humility is Donald Trump’s strong suit. But back in 1990, the wispy-tressed real-estate titan was having widely reported financial difficulties — and he wasn’t above poking fun at his troubles, or the effect they might have on his sophomore publishing effort, Trump: Surviving at the Top. ”We may have to end certain chapters with a question mark. We may have to end the whole book with a question mark,” he quipped to EW. His publisher, Random House, had no such reservations, however, and rushed the tome to print two months early. (Read the News & Notes item)