Here’s what you won’t be seeing on LOGO, whose launch today makes it the first gay-themed channel on basic cable: Queer as Folk, The L Word, or anything else steamy enough to frighten the horses. (It’s basic cable, remember?) The network is ”beyond sexuality,” said LOGO president and MTV Networks Entertainment chief Brian Graden this week.

Still, if you visit the network’s website and catch the previews for two new series, sitcom Noah’s Arc and sports travelogue Surfer Girls, it appears LOGO will be spending a lot of time showing off hot bods at the beach. Also on tap is My Fabulous Gay Wedding, a wedding makeover show, starring Kids in the Hall and Larry Sanders alum Scott Thompson, concerts by artists like Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls, and a library of familiar movies (Philadelphia, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) that will be edited for content and padded with commercials.

The launch begins tonight with The Evolution Will Be Televised, a documentary about the increasing visibility of gays and lesbians in popular culture, but the real evolution seems to be from invisible subculture to marketer-coveted demographic. ”Advertisers and cable servers seem tounderstand this is one of the last great underserved market segments,” said Graden, adding that LOGO is less about sexuality or social justice than about ”branding.” Will that approach make for good TV? Stay tuned.