Rebound: John Johnson
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June 29, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

It is a far more subdued Martin Lawrence we have before us in Rebound, mellower than the one who bounced around the Bad Boys movies. Here he brings a sedate (at times sedated-looking) touch to college hoops coach Roy McCormick, whose early-career wins have been obscured by bad behavior and endorsement-mongering (something the brand-dotted film itself doesn’t exactly eschew). Barred indefinitely from the game, Roy opts for a high-concept redemption: In a cynical PR ploy, he finishes the season as coach of his old middle school team. Naturally, perfunctorily, he’s won over by his scruffy squad of bad-news ballers. The whole thing feels like a half-day of community service, which Lawrence walks through good-naturedly.

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