You should be paying regular visits to the Live 8 website to keep track of the ever-expanding list of venues and performers. Celebrity presenters added to the Philadelphia show include famous non-singers like Salma Hayek, Natalie Portman, Chris Tucker, Jennifer Connelly, and Jimmy Smits.

Also appearing will be Kami, the HIV-positive Muppet (you read that right). She’s a regular on Sesame Street in South Africa, where childhood AIDS is common, though PBS has promised skittish Congressmen that Kami will never appear on the American Sesame Street. So this may be the only time she’s ever seen on U.S. airwaves.

Also, Elton John has a plan to play for Live 8 audiences in both London and Dublin, thanks to the magic of jet travel. Not as impressive as Phil Collins SST-ing his way between London and Philadelphia 20 years ago to perform in both Live Aid shows the same day, but to be fair, it’s not Elton’s fault that there’s no Concorde anymore.

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