So, let’s see, The Donald has first-season Apprentice winner Bill Rancic overseeing an $800 million construction project in Chicago. Season 2 winner Kelly Perdew is working on real estate development projects in Florida and Manhattan while also overseeing the launch of the organization’s bottled water product, Trump Ice (I’ve tasted it; it’s good).

Now, on her first day at work, Season 3 champ Kendra Todd says she’s going to be essentially hanging out with Carolyn at an upstate New York golf course for three months, then will head to Florida to oversee the renovation of Trump’s Palm Beach mansion. Seems like someone’s talents aren’t being put to good use. To be fair, Bill and Kelly don’t really get to do much either in the way of actual business; it seems their real duties are to hit the lecture circuit and promote the brand.

At least Kendra gets a view; Kelly’s office doesn’t even have a window. Hey, Apprentice 4 contestants: Getting excited yet?

addCredit(“Kendra: Craig Blankenhorn/NBC”)