Isn’t it sweet when little kids play house? (Okay, I know Avril Lavigne is 20 and Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley is 25, but don’t they seem like little kids, still? Don’t they seem too young to be getting married for real?) They haven’t said how Deryck popped the question, though Avril described her ideal proposal in her 2002 song ”Things I’ll Never Say”: ”If I could say what I want to see/I want to see you go down/On one knee/Marry me today.”

I’m sure that the Canadian pop-punkers will have a lovely and very polite wedding, once Avril finishes her North American tour in September, and once she and Deryck find a sk8board store where they can register for gifts. Can’t wait for the inevitable MTV reality show, At Home With the Whibleys, chronicling their newlywed days. Meanwhile, Avril has started her very own shiny brand new blog! Awww!