Anyone expecting a repeat ofFriday’s fireworks in the second half of Matt Lauer’s Tom Cruise interviewwould have been disappointed by the anticlimactic chat that Today aired thismorning. The nerve of that guy, giving a normal interview where all he did wastalk about his movie and include a brief reference to his upcoming nuptials.Doesn’t he know he was supposed to continue his public meltdown?

After the Cruise chat, Katie Couric interviewed two shrinksregarding whether or not the actor had a point last week in his slam ofantidepressants. Surprisingly, one doc agreed with him that the jury is stillout on whether such drugs really correct chemical imbalances in the brain,while the other conceded that antidepressants may be overprescribed. Thesegment was followed immediately by an commercial for War of the Worlds. Did Paramountknow that Monday’s Cruise coverage would be much friendlier than Friday’s? Ordid the studio simply not care, believing that any coverage was good as long aseveryone kept mentioning Tom Cruise’s name?

What do you think? Did Today pull its punches? Does Cruisehave a point? Does any mention of Cruise only encourage viewers to see War ofthe Worlds?