Yeah, it’s nice that Roger Ebert got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week. Too bad his milestone’s completely overshadowed by the fact that the world’s funniest movie critics, Statler and Waldorf, picked the same day to debut their ”From the Balcony” feature at

Even if you don’t have fond memories of watching the crabby critics (named for two New York hotels) on The Muppet Show, I dare you not to laugh as they give their takes on War of the Worlds (”for a completely digital character, why, that little girl is remarkably lifelike”) and Bewitched (”one of those weird instances where art imitates something horrible”).

As a bonus, you get Pepe the King Prawn’s DVD review of, as he calls it, Miss Congenitalia 2, and jokes about Scientology and Tim Robbins’ politics… trust us, this ain’t your daddy’s Muppet Show!