Sure, you could see Nicole Kidman in Bewitched this weekend, but there are plenty of other ways to celebrate your love of classic TV:

-Moon over Elizabeth Montgomery. Pick up the original series on DVD.

-Watch Nick at Nite’s 20th anniversary on TV Land, which is planning a slate of rarely revived reruns from such shows as Make Room for Daddy, F Troop, The Monkees, and Get Smart.

-Pre-order the paperback anthology of The E! True Hollywood Story, which includes bios of such TV luminaries as Dr. Phil, Paris Hilton, Katie Couric, Doris Day, Maria Shriver, and of course, Anna Nicole Smith. (It even comes with a DVD of highlights.)

-Cry yourself to sleep with the new Six Feet Under Vol. 2 soundtrack, reminiscing about when the show was actually good.

-If you’re in New York, go to the Orchard Street Art Gallery to see ”I Pity the Dolls!”, the world’s largest collection of Mr. T dolls.