Sorry for blowing my nose and drying my eyes while blogging, but I just saw an ad for NBC’s upcoming feel-good reality series, Three Wishes, the one where singer Amy Grant and a team of super-nice people play Aladdin to deserving folks across the nation. If you weren’t sobbing too loudly, you may have noticed the distinctive voice of Christina Aguilera in the background. While ”Genie in a Bottle” might’ve seem like a shoo-in to promote Three Wishes, it’s ”Soar,” the best single Xtina never released, that gets the nod. (You can find it on Stripped, right alongside that other ascendant ditty, ”Dirrty.”)

Which raises the question: Which ballad is most likely to make you reach for the Kleenex? Weigh in now. We can’t have this discussion, um, ”Without You.”