Matt Lauer, Tom Cruise, ...
Credit: Today: Virginia Sherwood

Today‘s Matt Lauer-Tom Cruise deathmatch, er, interview, was pure genius, complete with a oh-no-he-didn’t finger-wag from Mr. Cruise, and shots of Katie Holmes grinning on cue from the sidelines. Our friends at Gawker have a partial transcript of the war of the words between the morning-show host and the couch-bouncing movie star over Brooke Shields’ use of prescription drugs for post-partum depression, among other topics.

I just wish Matt had read EW’s interview with Cruise beforehand; if he had, he might’ve been able to poke a couple of holes in Cruise’s thesis about the dangers of psychiatry. And how come the cameras stopped cutting to Katie when the going got ”tense”? And why wasn’t there, say, a response from the American Psychiatric Association, like this one, perhaps? Or at least a shout-out to the Scientology online quiz?

Ah well, enough of my burning questions about the Cruise-Lauer faceoff? What are yours? More importantly, do you plan to still see this summer’s little indie-flick-that-could, War of the Worlds?

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