You could be a contendah among bidders for Marlon Brando’s personal effects, as Christie’s is auctioning off some truly fascinating items from the actor’s estate next week. And I don’t just mean the bongo drums (Matthew McConaughey, you are not alone) or the many pieces of folk art, which may go for as little as $100. For Brando fans and students of acting, the highlights may be the numerous screenplays, annotated with Brando’s notes, that may shed light on his acting choices. Check out, for instance, the description of this cache of Apocalypse Now items that helps illuminate Brando’s inscrutable Col. Kurtz. For me, what’s intriguing is Brando’s correspondence with other famous folks, from Martin Luther King to Jack Kerouac, who, in a sweetly deluded letter, tried to persuade Brando to film an adaptation of the author’s On The Road in which Kerouac himself would star as narrator Sal Paradise opposite Brando as Sal’s wild traveling companion, Dean Moriarty. The list of all 330 lots is here.