EW's June 22, 1990, issue: Remember the hysteria over New Kids on the Block, Katie Couric's ''Today'' debut, and more
New Kids on the Block | They had the ''Right Stuff'' for millions of fans and ''Step by Step'' they took over the charts, not to mention the hearts of diehard…
Credit: New Kids on the Block: Janette Beckman/Retna

And what does ”NKOTB” stand for? If you were a teenage girl in 1990, don’t pretend you don’t know! Back then millions of you were hangin’ tough with the New Kids on the Block — (clockwise from top right) dreamboat Jordan, sensitive guy Jon, cutie-pie Joey, bad boy Donnie, and, uh, the other one, Danny. The pop pinups went platinum almost instantly with Step by Step, their third album, which found the group attempting, in vain, to give their sleek image some rough edges. (Wrote EW’s Greg Sandow in his review of the album: ”Drawing on their Boston origins to rename themselves, rap style, the Beantown Posse, [NKOTB] declare themselves ready and able to ‘even the score’ with those who bad-mouth their music. Anyone who believes that probably also thinks that Luxembourg is armed with a nuclear deterrent.”) Luckily, age seems to have mellowed at least one of the New Kids into a man who’s at peace with the guilty-pleasure glee we get from watching him — Joey McIntyre is now one of the standouts on ABC’s summer hit Dancing With the Stars. Donnie’s done well for himself, too, racking up acting credits in The Sixth Sense, TV’s brilliant-but-canceled Boomtown, and the upcoming Saw 2. (Read the review)