Dark Water (Movie - 2002)

Early word is that the big Hollywood remake of Dark Water, this Japanese thriller — due next month and starring Jennifer Connelly — makes more sense than the original. Oops: Extremely unsettling incoherence is the strong point of Hideo Nakata’s film, which is less grisly than his Ring cycle but still manages to find fresh uses for the director’s obsessions with water and creepy little girls. An emotionally fragile mom (Hitomi Kuroki), undergoing a tough divorce, moves with her 5-year-old daughter (Rio Kanno) into an apartment complex cursed with either the worst plumbing this side of Atlantis or by something nastier. Or is it all in her mind? Nakata throws a little Repulsion, a dash of Don’t Look Now, and a camera shot from The Shining into the stew, yet this metaphorically charged spook show about abandonment and childhood ghosts stands (soggily) on its own. EXTRAS Only the original Japanese trailer, which gives away too much of the plot — just like ours do!

Dark Water (Movie - 2002)
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