If, like me, you sit down to watch television with a pad of paper, a pencil, and the razor-sharp eye of a geek with no life, you might have noticed that Ruth, George, and his daughter Maggie were watching a particularly mawkish movie on last night’s episode of Six Feet Under. Lloyd Bridges flashed onscreen, and I thought I heard the same dewy voice that narrated the 1987 cult classic Flowers in the Attic. (Can I get a shout-out to Louise Fletcher for picking up a small child by her ears? Anyone?)

Alas, with the help of my trusty TiVo remote and the wonders of, I discovered that the Fishers were not watching Flowers, but The Other Woman, a 1995 CBS TV movie that sounds like a proto-Stepmom: Jill Eikenberry plays Tessa, a cancer-stricken mother of two who takes her ex-husband’s hot new trophy wife (Laura Leighton) on a cross-country trip to her father’s ranch with her three daughters in tow, all in the name of smoothing things over before she kicks the bucket.

Sadly, I’ve never seen this film — and a quick search of EW’sarchives reveals that we didn’t even bother to review (or even mention)it when it first aired. Who out there has seen it? Anybody want to tellus if it’s good, bad, or just plain deliciously horrible?

(And while I’m at it, let’s talk about Jill Eikenberry for a moment. What ever happened to her? My one — and only — memory of Ms. Thang is a War of the Roses-style TV movie she made with her actor hubby Michael Tucker, a silly NBC lark called Assault and Matrimony.As a wee 9-year-old, I was so obsessed with the caper-filled ads that Ibegged my parents to tape it for my viewing pleasure.)

I’m not sure that there’s any special significance here beyond thefact that Ruth is dealing with her wackjob of a husband’s own illness,but I thought you could all sleep easier tonight knowing thiscompletely innocuous piece of trivia.

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