Not that Tom Cruise’s character, on his third impossible mission, really needs a mentor, but if he has to have one, Laurence Fishburne should be more than up to the task. Besides playing Morpheus three times, Fishburne’s mentor credentials go all the way back to Boyz N the Hood. These days, his biggest competition as BestMovie Mentor is Liam Neeson, who has tutored young heroes in Batman Begins, Kingdom of Heaven, Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, andGangs of New York. Both Fishburne and Neeson are men of action who can sound credible while uttering life lessons in the form of Zen-like paradoxes. So let’s pose the question, grasshopper: What makes a good movie mentor? Who else belongs on the list? (Ian McKellen? Patrick Stewart? Burgess Meredith?) Who’sthe best?

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