The actresses discuss working on the potty-mouthed HBO drama

Names/Ages Robin Weigert (Calamity Jane), 35; Paula Malcomson (Trixie), 34; Kim Dickens (Joanie Stubbs), 39; Molly Parker (Alma Garret), 32; Anna Gunn (Martha Bullock), 36.

Mustworthiness Playing bankers, widows, whores, boozers, mothers, mourners (and any combination thereof), these women represent the struggling, buoyant, motherf—ing heart of HBO’s often heartless town.

Life in Deadwood, Part 1: The Potty Mouth Ain’t That Big a Deal ”I’m Irish. We split up words to put f—- in between them,” says Malcomson, ”so it’s no stretch for me.” Adds Parker: ”I was in a salon the other day and a woman came up to me who was probably in her 60s and said, ‘Oh, I love the show. Sometimes I find the language a little difficult. . .’ And then she said, ‘Oh, what the hell, it’s a great motherf—ing show.”’

Life in Deadwood, Part 2: It’s Damn Hot, and Then There’s. . . ”The f—ing corset,” Dickens notes. ”It’s 110 degrees, and we’re wearing velvet and corsets and wool, hats, and wigs. You drink a lot of water.”

On Their Must Lists Malcomson gets her inspiration from ”Dolly Parton and Irish whiskey.” Gunn guns for Meryl Streep, whom Weigert also adores: ”She is the chief inspiration in my life, even though it’s been said by a million other people. What can I do?”

Next Films for Dickens and Parker. For all, season 3 of Deadwood starts shooting in late summer.