Fright Club

By EW Staff
Updated June 17, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT
Tom Welling, Shannon Grace
Credit: Welling & Grace Photograph by Matt Jones

Must List 2005: Tom Welling & Maggie Grace

Ages 28, 21

Mustworthiness In updating John Carpenter’s flawed gem The Fog — the 1980 horror flick about a billowing bank of haunted, pissed-off mist that rolls over a sleepy little town — its producers concocted a can’t-miss formula that worked scarily well last year for The Grudge: Take some TV talent — in this case Smallville‘s Tom Welling and Lost‘s Maggie Grace — and schedule a Shocktober release.

Favorite Movie Monster Grace: ”You can’t do much better than the Blob.”

On the Remake ”It’s more modern [than the original] in terms of special effects and spectacle,” says Welling. ”I think audiences are looking for that. If you watch the original Fog, it’s outdated. You can appreciate it for its time period, but I think audiences nowadays are a lot more sophisticated.” (Outraged horror fans, please direct all protests to Welling’s management.)

How’s Grace’s Scream? ”Pretty good. I’ve been cultivating it on Lost,” she says. ”I like to work on it at stoplights — see how much I can freak people out.”

Hey… Didn’t ‘Lost’ Crush ‘Smallville’ in the Ratings? ”Maybe that’s why [Tom’s been] giving me the evil eye,” jokes Grace.

Did TV’s Clark Kent Want the Movie Role? Despite rumors that he was considered, Welling says he wasn’t approached. ”They literally would have had to cancel Smallville for me to be available.”

Next For Grace, season 2 of ABC’s Lost. For Welling, season 5 of The WB’s Smallville and a Cheaper by the Dozen sequel.