The Oscar winner tries her hand in comedy as the nose-twitching actress in ''Bewitched''

By EW Staff
Updated June 17, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Age 37

Mustworthiness Kidman’s as unpredictable as her current on-screen alter ego, Bewitched‘s Samantha Stephens. What other actress would (or could?) follow a terrorism drama (The Interpreter) with a supernatural comedy (the aforementioned witchy flick) and then make a biopic about tortured photographer Diane Arbus (Fur), but not before lending her voice to George Miller’s dancing-penguin comedy, Happy Feet?

Parental Support ”I went on holiday with my family before I made Bewitched, and we watched old episodes while I practiced nose twitches in front of a mirror. My mom said, ‘I don’t think you look very much like her. I think Reese Witherspoon looks more like her.’ I was like, ‘I’m not asking you anymore.”’

What’s the Trick? ”It’s more in the lip than the nose.”

Child Support ”It was a pity we couldn’t have Tabitha in the film. I’m the opposite of most actresses; I want to work with children. That’s why I like Will [Ferrell]. He’s like working with a teenager. He makes me misbehave — singing into a wine bottle, doing high kicks over his head.”

Grandparental Support ”I spent most of my time off set with Shirley MacLaine. I love her stories about men. She’s not about, as we say in Australia, beating around the bush.”

Next Fur, spring 2006; Feet, November 2006.