Fancy alcoholic drinks are the rage with Hollywood stars

Mustworthiness Because they taste good?

For the Hip-Hopper Finally, a classier alternative to crunk juice: Patrón tequila has garnered lots of celeb love for its simplicity — no Red Bull mixer needed for this unadorned shot. Usher likes it so much he gave it a shout-out on the hit ”Lovers & Friends,” along with Ludacris and, ironically, Mr. Crunk Juice himself, Lil Jon.

For the Desperate Housewife Nicolette Sheridan cools off with an Absolut Wisteria-tini, a blend of lychee juice and peach vodka available at the superhot Koi in L.A. and NYC.

For the Gilmore Girl That French, nonalcoholic classic the citron pressé is getting a workout at L.A.’s trendy Argyle Hotel and NYC’s perennial celeb magnet Balthazar.