Gorilla in the Midst
Adrien Brody, King Kong (Movie - 2005)
Credit: King Kong: Universal

Must List 2005: ”King Kong”

Mustworthiness Seventy-two years after he first climbed the Empire State Building, the gargantuan ape with anger issues returns to play monkey in the middle with Naomi Watts (Ann Darrow), Jack Black (Carl Denham), and Adrien Brody (Jack Driscoll). With Lord of the Rings master Peter Jackson at the helm, this is literally the 800-pound gorilla of this year’s holiday movie season.

Going Ape Brody (pictured) says Jackson’s film delves deeper into Kong’s Woody Allen-esque neuroses: ”There’s a lot more thought going into his alienation once he’s in New York, as opposed to just Kong on a rampage.”

Bizarre Love Triangle ”In the original movie, my character was kind of a lug,” Brody says of Jack. ”But in this one he’s a playwright, a guy who’s more intelligent and sensitive. There’s a love triangle with me, Naomi Watts, and the big boy, but I can hold my own.”

Taxi and Spend Brody says he’s most excited about a scene in which Kong chases him through New York. ”Peter entrusted me with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of camera equipment on this souped-up 1930s cab and just let me go.”

Next King Kong stomps into theaters Dec. 14.

King Kong (Movie - 2005)
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