Whole Lotta Love
Jorge Garcia
Credit: Jorge Garcia Photograph by Jeff Lipsky

Must List 2005: Jorge Garcia

Age 32

Mustworthiness As Hurley on ABC’s hit drama Lost, he’s the lone voice of reason — and humor — amid a sea of life-and-death seriousness and maddening mysteries. Hurley’s past, which involves cursed lottery-winning numbers, has us betting that he’s more than just a ”Dude!”-spouting supersize man-child.

Strong-Charm Tactics ”In an old version of Hurley’s backstory, he was like the world’s greatest repo man who was so charming and convincing that people would just end up giving him the stuff back.”

The Die Is Cast Any teasers for season 2? ”I know we’re at least losing another castaway.” Any hints on who that is? ”Nope. Because I don’t want to be on that list next.”

On His Must List ”Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman. That first piece where he’s talking about why all women love Lloyd Dobler — and the whole Coldplay bit was perfect. I had to read it out loud to my girlfriend, who loves both Coldplay and John Cusack.”

What’s the Secret to a Good ‘Dude!’? ”Just let it come out how you feel it. Can’t force the ‘dude.’ Just let the ‘dude’ slip out.”

Next Starring in the indie drama Little Athens; season 2 of Lost.