The TV exec is the mastermind behind the challenges on reality shows like ''Survivor'' and ''The Contender''

Age 42

Mustworthiness He’s the guru of all reality TV show challenges who’s designed wickedly punishing tests for 10 seasons of Survivor and worked on the development team for other Mark Burnett entries like The Apprentice, The Contender, and CBS’ upcoming Rock Star: INXS.

Waves of Inspiration ”Me and my other challenge guys go surfing in the morning before we come to work,” says Kirhoffer. ”It gets your blood pumping. You’re out there with the beautiful waves and the dolphins, and we even paddle up to each other and start talking about challenge ideas, because your most creative ideas don’t come up in your cubicle or in a boardroom.”

Anyone Can Do It Not only did Kirhoffer once get a gaming concept from a 14-year-old girl but he also ”challenged” a Survivor fan/housewife from Orange County to suggest her own ideas. ”They were actually really good, so I hired her as a consultant on Vanuatu.”

Next Season 11 of Survivor.