Back in Action

By EW Staff
June 17, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT
Jodie Foster Photograph by Catherine Ledner

Must List 2005: Jodie Foster

Age 42

Mustworthiness After a three-year hiatus from leading-ladydom, the two-time Oscar winner returns in Disney’s Flightplan, a thriller about a mom on a plane whose daughter disappears at 37,000 feet, but nobody believes the girl was ever on board.

Sob Story ”It was a hard film for me. It’s hard to play all that grief for 57 days.”

Yeah, Yeah, Back to Us. We’ve Missed You — Where Have You Been? ”I have two kids [Charles, nearly 7, and Kit, 3]. I’ve made a lot of movies, and when I was younger, I did the whole back-to-back thing. Now I just want to make movies I care about. The ones that really move me don’t come along as often. And I’m not in a place where I want to delegate my kids away.”

Career Conundrum ”Although I play particularly brave people, I am not.”

Career Heartbreaker Not getting to direct circus drama Flora Plum when Russell Crowe dropped out in 2001. ”We were two weeks from shooting. It will happen [with another cast] because I’ll never give up. It’s too close to me and too good.”

Career Saver? Foster was on her way to playing Princess Leia in Star Wars, but she decided she couldn’t break a contract with Disney to take the part.

Next After Flightplan (Sept. 23), Foster films Inside Man, a bank-heist nail-biter from Spike Lee.

Then (Please, Not Another Three Years!) ”I’m dying to get back to directing. I think it’s time.”