Lucille Bluth on ''Arrested Development'' talks about her kooky character

By EW Staff
Updated June 17, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Age 64

Mustworthiness Her Lucille Bluth is the boozy, controlling, completely awe-inspiring standout of TV’s best comedy, Arrested Development — a matriarch so depraved she could give Mommie Dearest a few tips.

The Nice Queen Cometh First, Walter wants to get something out of the way. ”I’m nothing like Lucille. Nothing. My daughter will tell you. I’m really a very nice, boring person.” She does admit to enjoying a martini, but not too often, because she gets ”little palpitations.”

Lucille of Approval Good comedy, says the theater-trained Walter (she graduated from NYC’s Neighborhood Playhouse with James Caan and Christopher Lloyd), comes out of truth and desperation. ”I don’t even question half the things Lucille does, because if that’s how desperate she is, it makes perfect sense.” But beneath it all, ”there’s a lot of love in our show. If there weren’t, I don’t think it would be palatable.”

Pooch Props She’s posing with the dog that played Sex and the City‘s Elizabeth Taylor.

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