Tony Soprano is keeping busy with the sixth season of the HBO drama and two films

Age 43

Mustworthiness After a hiatus movie flurry, he’s two months into shooting season 6 of The Sopranos.

Wrinkled in Time Any hints? ”[Sopranos creator] David Chase has given me a few new wrinkles — on my face and in the character. I don’t necessarily know what’s coming. The basic arc. . .[Tony] is a few years older and slowing down a bit.”

Song and Chance On the big screen, Gandolfini stars in Romance & Cigarettes (fall), taglined ”a savage musical,” as a singing working-class husband torn between wife (Susan Sarandon) and mistress (Kate Winslet). In December, he’ll appear as a New Orleans-accented politico (”I think I sound like Foghorn Leghorn”) with Sean Penn in All the King’s Men.

The Penn Is Mightier Than the Boss ”I mostly stood behind Sean, but I was happy to do it. After The Sopranos, it’s nice to be number 10 on the call sheet.”

Next Season 6 of The Sopranos (March 2006).