Man of the 'House'

By EW Staff
Updated June 17, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT
Hugh Laurie Photograph by Justin Stephens

Must List 2005: Hugh Laurie

AGE 46

MUSTWORTHINESS As the acerbic, permanently disgruntled, and emotionally/physically damaged Dr. Gregory House on the Fox medical drama House, the British actor is the thinking woman’s sex symbol. Even the limp is hot.

ON HIS MUST LIST ”Tarantino is fantastically entertaining. Kill Bill is about as much fun as you can have in a theater. And I have to see any Clint Eastwood film. I’ve seen all his movies, some an embarrassing number of times.”

CLINT EASTWOOD: GIRLYMAN? ”I could get deported for this, but my pet theory about Clint is that there’s something fascinatingly feminine about him. He’s a watcher and a listener and he has that very soft voice. You’d never describe him as passive, but he has a receptive quality that is a million miles away from Charlton Heston bluster.”

PREFERRED MODE OF TRANSPORT Crotch rocket. ”I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 10. And now my kids are into them too.”

MEN ARE TOOLS (EXCEPT WITH TOOLS) ”My favorite TV show is Biker Build-Off [Discovery Channel]. I just love watching blokes build things, because that’s when they’re doing no harm. They’ve got a torch and a hammer, they’ve got a problem to solve, they’re happy. Those guys slightly reaffirm my faith in men, who are a pretty hopeless bunch for the most part — it can become quite depressing being one.”

BIGGEST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LONDON AND L.A. ”People here drive like baboons on crack — they’ve stolen the keys and sort of figured out how to switch the thing on. I’m just staggered by it.”

NEXT ”I’d love to wear my own clothes.” At least until season 2 of House.