The debut author's ''Honey and Junk'' includes smart, dreamy poems

Age 29

Mustworthiness Her debut collection, Honey and Junk, includes smart, dreamy poems about office romance (”Terrified lightbulbs burn through the day”), preppy vacation homes (”Estates already named: Duplex Oblige, Feigned Ease”), and playing tennis with an ex to make a current boyfriend jealous (”The sky turns blue with your held breath”).

Speaking of Those Exes. . . ”It’s not awkward because I don’t talk to them.”

On Optioning Poems for Films Now That She’s Moved to L.A. ”What’s Troy, after all? The oldest poem in the world; that’s what that comes from. But since I don’t write anything longer than 20 lines, I don’t see that happening.”

Next More verse, in addition to her day job editing nonfiction for The New Yorker.