A former EW staffer and current ''Daily Show'' writer talks about the hilarious special features on the new DVD set

By EW Staff
June 17, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mustworthiness The Daily Show staff is preparing to release its first DVD set, so we asked former EW staffer and current Daily Show writer Tim Carvell for a preview. Take it away, Tim.

First, a Caveat We’re still putting the finishing touches on it, so none of this is final, but we can share a few hints about what might — or might not — be some of the features on the DVD.

Alternate Endings Kerry wins the election. (The ending was scrapped after a test-marketing audience of approximately 120 million Americans deemed it ”implausible.”)

Bonus Audio Track Each writer points out which jokes he wrote. Watch the show the way that only the writers’ spouses or significant others get to!

Deleted Scenes Enjoy Stephen Colbert’s legendary lost 18-minute ”dream ballet” reenactment of the entire 2004 election.

Special Behind-the-Scenes ”Making-of” Featurette Meet the 120 puppeteers, makeup artists, mimes, and special-effects wizards who bring ”Ed Helms” to dazzlingly plausible life!

Hilarious ”Gag Reel” Bloopers and outtakes in which Jon accidentally reports actual, factual news.

A Gallery of All the Doodles Jon Makes on His Script During Show Tapings But not the doodles he makes during dress rehearsals. (Those we’re saving for the Criterion Collection.)

NC-17 Version The European cut of our coverage of the vice presidential debate, with the orgy scene fully restored.

Extra Footage Never-before-seen takes involving hobbits and elves, as required by law.

Next The DVD set arrives in stores June 28.