Warner Bros. gives fans extra-laden discs of six films including ''Bringing Up Baby'' and ''The Philadelphia Story''

Classic Comedies Collection

Mustworthiness This bodacious boxed set contains six essential Warner Bros. comedies from the 1930s and ’40s loaded with extras: two-disc editions of Bringing Up Baby and The Philadelphia Story, as well as Dinner at Eight, Stage Door, Libeled Lady, and To Be or Not to Be.

Beyond the Grave Howard Hawks may be dead, but his musings on Bringing Up Baby are brought back to life courtesy of Peter Bogdanovich, who spends parts of his commentary track reenacting his old conversations with the director. He even tries to affect the proper accent.

Beyond the Grave, Part 2 Katharine Hepburn candidly critiques an early screen test (”No spark there”) and less-celebrated film roles (on Spitfire: ”Why did I agree to play this part?. . .Idiotic”) — all while discussing future ambitions: ”In the next life I plan to be a Wimbledon champion.”

Classic Comedies Collection
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