Sure, anyone can fire up the grill and char some flesh for Father’s Day. But if you and your dad want some more offbeat, entertainment-related ideas for things to do together, try these:

  • Go to the multiplex and see a movie about a boy who starts dressing up like a bat because he saw his father killed, or a movie about the worst absentee father in the universe, Anakin Skywalker. (This weekend only, Fox tells us, theaters are giving away to Episode III ticketbuyers free Darth Vader posters that read ”Who’s Your Daddy?”).
  • Support Apple Martin’s dad and buy the X&Y CD.
  • Watch Ben Kingsley’s surprising and scary display of machismo in the crime drama Sexy Beast on IFC.
  • Grab the new Jaws: 30th Anniversary Edition DVD, watch it in your air-conditioned living room, sing some drinking songs together like Quint, Hooper, and Sheriff Brody, and be glad you’re not out at the beach, risking melanoma and sharkbite.

Any other suggestions?