MOVIES They’ve announced the cast for Wolfgang Petersen’s remake of ultimate ’70s disaster flick The Poseidon Adventure: Shipmates include Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss(who was on the QE2 this week, ironic much?), and The Phantom of the Opera‘s Emmy Rossum, who plays Russell’s daughter. ”I haven’t seen the original film,” she says. ”I also never saw the stage version of Phantom. I prefer to respond to an original script.” But hey, she likes Das Boot! (Really!). . .Will Smith and Nicolas Cage will produce and costar in Time Share, a comedy about two families booked into the same condo at the same time. Hide the guns. . . .The DR’s minions were at Book Expo America this week to hear Frank Miller announce that Sin City 2 will be based partly on his comic A Dame to Kill For.

BOOKS Julian Rubinstein — whose 2004 book, Ballad of the Whiskey Robber, is earmarked for Johnny Depp — just signed with Little, Brown to pen The Imposters, which will focus in part on Elmyr de Hory, an especially eccentric art forger. Stay with us now: de Hory is the subject of Orson Welles’ F for Fake (just out on DVD); he was also biographied in the ’60s by Clifford Irving; Irving also wrote a fake bio of billionaire Howard Hughes, a forgery that landed Irving in jail. And Lasse Hallström is turning that story into a movie called Hoax, starring Richard Gere.”It’s like there’s a little cottage industry around all these characters,” says Rubinstein. ”Fake identities, art forgery, the whole idea of double lives — maybe if it pops up once, it kind of catches on.” And on and on. . .

TELEVISION ESPN2’s late-night Block Party debuts June 22, and we insomniacs can’t wait for It’s the Shoes, which travels around checking out the footwear collections of Missy Elliott, Spike Lee, and Nelly. Like Cribs, but with sneakers!