24, Kiefer Sutherland
Credit: Keifer Sutherland: Isabella Vosmikova/FOX

”Hi, Kiefer? It’s me, Corey… Corey Feldman… Remember, I was in Stand by Me and The Lost Boys with you?… Yeah, good times, good times… So I hear you’re making 24 into a movie… Yeah, that’ll be really cool… Say, if it’s just feature-length, will you call it 2?… Ha, ha, just kidding… What’s that?… Not going to shoot for another two years, at least?… Oh, well, I guess that would still be OK… So, Kief, I was wondering, when you do shoot, if you could toss a little action my way. I could be a really awesome terrorist. I can even grow my goatee back. Maybe Haim can be a member of my sleeper cell, guy needs a break too. Whaddaya think?… Hello? Kiefer? Hello?…”

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