American diva Anastacia, who’s suffered a ”big in Europe” curse, is making yet another attempt to conquer her home turf — and this time she’ll have superheroes on her side. For ”Everything Burns,” the first single from the Fantastic Four soundtrack, Anastacia paired up with former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody, continuing to move toward the harder-edged rock sound she unveiled on her self-titled third disc (which was the second-biggest seller in Europe in 2004).

So how come nobody’s heard Anastacia stateside? Well, when Daylight/Columbia dropped the album’s first single, ”Left Outside Alone,” in May 2004, the inexplicable lack of buzz prompted them to push off the full album’s release date for a good 15 months. The CD is now scheduled to hit stores August 30, backed by a massive publicity blitz.

Will the third time be the charm for the bespectacled diva? Check out the new video for ”Everything Burns,” and let us know what you think.