Breakfast with Tiffany


”You know, Uncle Eddy, I had sex with Aleksi in the bathroom at the pizza place last Saturday,” 13-year-old Tiffany facetiously informs her uncle on their morning walk to the subway in Breakfast with Tiffany. That’s just the beginning. Afraid his niece in Connecticut will ”end up a dropout, pregnant, or burnt out on drugs (or all three),” Edwin John Wintle offers to take her into his NYC apartment and off the hands of his at-wit’s-end sister. Mom’s exasperation is understandable: Wintle soon learns that Tiffany hangs out with the worst kid in the school, stashes a toy gun and drug paraphernalia in her room, and has friends who pull off serious burglaries. (Never mind the sex stuff.) Yet in his funny, caring, gentle way, Wintle manages to get through to Tiffany, and she to him, forming an odd but very real family.

Breakfast with Tiffany
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