We give Britney Spears some parenting advice -- EW garners tips for the pregnant star from blink 182's Travis Barker, Mia Tyler, and L.A. therapist Robert Butterworth
Britney Spears, Kevin Federline
Credit: Britney Spears: 801/Most Wanted/ZUMA Press

Okay, so Britney ‘n’ Kevin’s UPN reality series turned out more craptastic than Chaotic. Luckily, Spears has a much bigger project to look forward to: the birth of her first child. EW found several experienced folks who may guide her and her impending Feder-pup toward a more functional parent-child relationship: blink-182 drummer Travis Barker (father of two, husband of former Miss USA Shanna Moakler); model-actress Mia Tyler (daughter of Aerosmith’s Steven, sister to actress Liv, and wife to Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner); and Los Angeles-based therapist Robert Butterworth, Ph.D., who specializes in child behavior and celebrity.


TRAVIS BARKER If they ask about [Shanna’s appearance in] Playboy, I’d say, Your mom was a bomb! She was a f—in’ hot chick, and they should know that.

MIA TYLER When I was 9, I answered a call from a sex and love addiction clinic. Seems Dad couldn’t keep it in his pants. That’s when I learned sex wasn’t just for making babies.

DR. BUTTERWORTH You gotta be honest about your past. The worst thing is to lie because they’re going to find out.


TRAVIS BARKER The other night we got seated specially at a restaurant. [Stepdaughter] Atiana asked why. We said people will know who you are, but it doesn’t make you better.

MIA TYLER Most people grow up daydreaming of being rich and famous, but I would daydream my name was Heather and I came from Bumblebee, Texas. . . I still kinda do!

DR. BUTTERWORTH It’s not just how parents but how the world treats kids. You may be around people who get their glorified aura from you.


TRAVIS BARKER We take piano lessons on Sundays together, all of us. Sundays are kind of family day.

MIA TYLER I remember putting on snowsuits, running around down the backyard hill, and making snow angels — and that was just last year.

DR. BUTTERWORTH It’s not quantity, it’s quality — there just has to be a real connection.


TRAVIS BARKER Will I pay for my kids to have the most phenomenal education? Yes. But I grew up very blue-collar. I want them to appreciate the value of money.

MIA TYLER My dad isn’t famous to me. He’s that guy that changed my diapers, put food on my plate, made sure I was safe, and, most of all, loves me unconditionally.

DR. BUTTERWORTH It’s difficult, because [as a celebrity child] everybody may think your life is great, but you don’t think so. The higher the parent, the harder it is. You don’t envy them.