Christina Aguilera, My VH1 Music Awards
Credit: Aguilera: Kevin Winter/ImageDirect

After Time magazine’s revelation that Christina Aguilera’s music was used to torture a Guantánamo Bay detainee, I have to ask: Is that fair to Xtina? C’mon, raise your hand if you thought Stripped was a first-rate album. (Don’t try to be shy, either, you’re protected by the privacy of your own computer.)

When it comes to torture, there are so many other more appropriate options in record stores right this minute. I’ll get the list started American Idol‘s original reject Jim Verraros, opera-rific Il Divo, and one of Ms. Aguilera’s diva rivals — Jessica Simpson (I literally fled a drugstore earlier this week when her ”I Wanna Love You Forever” came screeching over the sound system).

Don’t let the list end there, folks. Do your patriotic duty and offer up your list of today’s most terror-inducing artists. If not for your country, do it for Xtina.