What not to miss in music, books, and games -- Be sure to check out Death Cab for Cutie's new DVD, ''The Definitive Ol' Dirty Bastard Story,'' Forza Motorsport, and more

A Time Before Crack

What not to miss in music, books, and games


DRIVE WELL, SLEEP CAREFULLY: ON THE ROAD WITH DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE If it’s good enough for Seth Cohen, it’s good enough for you, kiddo. See Seattle’s emo-tastic foursome travel the country in 2004, performing favorites old and new. Though not really meant for casual fans (there is a serious amount of concert footage), Drive aptly captures the cycle of giddy excitement and stultifying boredom that is touring. (Out 7/26)


THE DEFINITIVE OL’ DIRTY BASTARD STORY Mostly culled from the late rapper’s 1995 solo debut, Return to the 36 Chambers, and 1999’s Nigga Please, this two-disc set contains only five songs not found on his 2001 best-of. Still, affectionate liner notes by some Wu-Tang Clansmen (plus the DVD’s obscure TV interview and modest video collection) make this a must-have for die-hard disciples of the Wu. (Out 6/21)


FORZA MOTORSPORT Boasting a fanatical attention to detail that manifests itself in more than 250 vehicles and 60 picturesque tracks, Forza Motorsport aims to please both hardcore road warriors with a need for speed as well as Sunday drivers just looking for a little outing. Sure, this pure-racing sim offers little opportunity to pimp your ride, but we’ll take its zing over bling anytime. (Out now)


OFF THE WALL The hypnotic spirals and blinding colors of Haight-Ashbury concert posters defined the ’60s psychedelic era as much as jam sessions and LSD use. With 130 technicolor illustrations touting bands like the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, this tome is an invitation to turn on, tune in, and drop out. (Out now)

A TIME BEFORE CRACK A joyful time capsule, Jamel Shabazz’s photojournal also features nostalgic essays from the likes of Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn. The shutterbug’s mission? To ensure the style, spirit, and innocence of NYC urban culture from 1975 to ’85 is not lost. And he succeeds, leaving a poignant coda: It’s impossible not to wonder how his subjects’ lives were impacted by the crack epidemic that infiltrated their neighborhoods just one year after Shabazz shot the book’s final frame. (Out 6/15)

A Time Before Crack
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