Rent The seasoned moviegoer’s heart will sink upon seeing the Revolution Studios logo at the beginning of the trailer, and anyone who hasn’t seen the play will be mystified by the lengthy, dialogue-free montage of well-groomed bohemians hugging. Still, that ”Seasons of Love” song is pretty rousing, it’s hard to beat Taye Diggs, Rosario Dawson, and Jesse L. Martin in the photogenic department, and Wilson Jermaine Heredia deserves props for pulling off that Donald O’Connor running-up-the-wall backflip. Bottom line: Even though Chris ”Lost in New York” Columbus directed this, I still wanna see it.

Fantastic Four The tongue-in-cheek approach hinted at in the first trailer is even more alarmingly apparent in this second clip. Clearly, the marketers want viewers to be reminded of The Incredibles, but it reminded me instead of, um, Daredevil. But I’ll give the clip points for its use of Oasis’ killer instrumental ”F—in’ in the Bushes.” Not that that makes me more eager to see the movie.

Bad News Bears Yeah, it still looks like Bad Santa meets School of Rock on the baseball diamond, but this second clip introduces a nicely deadpan Greg Kinnear as a rival little league coach, and it gives Billy Bob Thornton a hilarious exit line that gives me hope for this remake.