Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Coldplay Mates

As a devoted Coldplay fan, I was thrilled to see them on the cover recently! I had no idea how much hard work they were putting into X&Y. Thanks for an interesting article and the crazy cool pictures that accompanied it!
Tempe, Ariz.

Your cover asks Coldplay, ”Are They the Next U2?” No disrespect to Coldplay, but U2 are not in need of replacing. After 25-plus years of (mostly) unforgettable albums and their recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and despite several roadbumps over the years, they are as strong as ever, delivering one of the best albums of their career in How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. They are as fresh and exciting today as they were in 1980, when their debut LP, Boy,was released. U2 haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, U2 are the next U2.

Portrait of an Artist

Lovely article on Sinéad O’Connor (”War & Peace”). She demonstrates a compassion and a yearning for a real spiritual connection amidst the religious hypocrisy in the West and the bewildering cruelty of the current administration in the U.S. O’Connor is deliciously nonapologetic for the infamous SNL incident and provokes one to ask, Why is the tearing of a photo, of an image representing hegemonic power, so disturbing to some individuals? Thank you for your respectful profile of a gifted and complex artist.

About a Boy Band

I’ll come right out with it: I was a Backstreet Boys fanatic, and yes, I do still occasionally pop in one of their albums and sing my heart out in the car. But I cannot stand a blatantly biased article, whether I’m a fan or not. Your story ”Backstreet’s Back — All Right?” screams of negativity toward the group. Could you have mentioned AJ’s rehab a few more times? Or the lawsuit between them and Jive? Or Nick’s fling with Paris Hilton? Here’s the ”drama” worth mentioning: How about what they all went through with Brian Littrell’s heart surgery, when it was possible he could have died? Or how about when Howie’s sister died of lupus? Or Kevin’s trying to cope with his father’s death? They’ve overcome a lot more than alcohol and Paris.
Pottstown, Pa.

Daniel’s Boon

I loved your article on Daniel Craig (”Hot Cake”), and I agree he is an enigmatic actor, particularly in supporting roles. But you neglected to mention one of his most compelling ”shadow” roles. Who could forget his turn as a priest in Elizabeth? Every time he was on the screen, he forced you to sit up and take notice.
Clayton, Calif.

‘Carnivàle’ Barker

EW, I am giving you one more chance to play nice with HBO’s Carnivàle. If it’s a pop-culture fever you are looking for (Fever Chart, News & Notes), I would be happy to steer you toward the online petitions to keep Carnivàle going and to the blogs and groups whose members are mobilizing CarnyConventions, selling ”Save Carnivàle” merchandise, and pelting HBO with postcards and canceling their subscriptions in protest. I think your one-dimensional reviews are the real ”bad dream sequence.”
University Park, Fla.