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Favorite movie acting by a singer and vice versa

What are your favorite movie acting performance by a singer and your favorite movie singing performance by an actor? — Lori Adams
Well, the singer who comes to mind immediately is André Benjamin (a.k.a. OutKast’s Andre 3000), who was such a breakout charmer in the otherwise broken-down Be Cool — the guy’s got charisma to burn. But then again, I can’t think of a hip-hop artist who hasn’t impressed me with superior screen-acting chops. So I’ll set that lot aside and go with Paul Simon as louche L.A. lizard Tony Lacey, fingering a coke-spoon necklace in Annie Hall, as my sentimental favorite. (Deborah Harry gets the art-house award for her tough work as hard-luck mother to a dying Sarah Polley in the Canadian downer My Life Without Me.) Among actors who sing, the choice is an easy one: Nobody beats Michelle Pfeiffer draped on a piano top, crooning ”Makin’ Whoopee” in The Fabulous Baker Boys.

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The Fabulous Baker Boys
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